FIFA 23 Coins – FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Release and Leaks

fifa 23 coins

FIFA 23 Coins – FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Release and Leaks

With the World Cup over, it is time to focus on other exciting things EA Sports has to offer its fans. One such offering is the FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards. While EA Sports has not officially announced the release date, FUT Sheriff leaked the news through its Twitter handle. It is worth mentioning that FUT Sheriff is a reliable source for everything FIFA Ultimate Team. It may interest you to know that FUTMAS is not happening this year. Instead, you should look forward to welcoming the FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards. There is so much to expect from the new release and more opportunities to earn FIFA 23 coins.

What to know about FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards and FIFA 23 Coins Earnings

According to the Twitter post, Team 1 of the Winter Wildcard promo is launching on December 23 and will be available for two weeks. That means it will remain in the pack from December 23 to January 6, 2023.

According to reports, the Winter Wildcards will have two special teams and each will be available for one week only. Apart from the two teams, gamers can look forward to lots of Special Packs, Squad Building Challenges, and plenty of free-to-play Objective Players.

While there would not be much difference between this year’s Winter Wildcards promo and that of last year, it sure has a great catch to it. You can look forward to the Swaps feature. What do all these mean to your FIFA 23 coins earnings?

It means more opportunities to win. You can unpack your promo Packs and trade assets and players to earn more FIFA 23 coins. You can also use some of the items to upgrade your squad. It all ends in the same thing – more coins for your gaming adventure.

Highlights of the Winter Wildcards Swaps with Tokens and Rewards in FIFA 23 Coins

By the end of the WC Swaps, gamers can look forward to the Winter Wildcard Swaps. According to EA Sports, it will release twenty-five Tokens, which gamers can unlock from December 23.

Following this, you can submit your tokens into various Squad Building Challenges to receive your rewards. The best part is you can choose your preferred rewards, which may include FIFA 23 coins.

It is worth mentioning that there is no clear direction on the rewards and different objectives you can look forward to. However, you can always trade the rewards for more coins if you do not have coins as part of the rewards.


Finally, on the Winter Wildcards Leaks, it may delight you to know that the first player of the promo has been leaked. It is no other person than Allan Saint-Maximin.

Well, we all look forward to more updates regarding the players. Hopefully, it will not be a repeat of the same meta players with upgraded stats EA Sports has released for many years.

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