FIFA 23 Coins : How to Get FIFA 23 Future Swaps Tokens

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FIFA 23 Coins : How to Get FIFA 23 Future Swaps Tokens

EA Sports has recently released the FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps and it is time to make more FIFA 23 coins from your gaming activities. By the way, the Future Stars Swaps is a unique event where FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players complete Objectives and SBCs to earn Future Stars Swaps tokens.

Players can exchange the tokens for different rewards, including FIFA 23 coins. So, how do you get these tokens? What activities contribute toward earning more tokens? That is what this post is all about. Let us get into the details.

How to Obtain FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps Token for more FIFA 23 Coins

You must complete a variety of Objectives and Squad Building Challenges to obtain Future Stars Swaps tokens. These include playing Live FUT Friendlies matches and solving puzzle-based SBCs.

Once you complete an SBC that has the token, you will receive it in your club instantly. However, you can claim your token in the Objective tab if you complete an Objective to earn it. You can convert your tokens to FIFA 23 coins or other rewards.

While you need to complete many puzzle-based challenges in SBCs to earn tokens, you can also get a token through Marquee Matchups, which refresh every Thursday. Therefore, you may want to look out for these this week.

It is simple to earn tokens through Objectives as you only need to play or win games. You have to play and complete challenges in Live FUT Friendlies. By the way, you are expected to add a particular friendly mode for Future Stars.

How Many Future Stars Swaps Tokens are Available?

According to EA Sports, there are a total of 30 Future Stars Swap tokens available for gamers to earn. Also, buying a FUT Store pack will offer you bonus tokens. For instance, you can purchase one token in the New Year Cheer Pack, which costs about 80,000 FIFA 23 coins or 500 FIFA points.

If you do not have enough coins to buy this pack, you can buy more coins from a reputable seller. site offers authentic and affordable coins you can buy safely without any issues. It is worth mentioning that the Future Stars event is a fan favorite in FIFA.

It delivers exceptional rewards to gamers, and the best part is that some of the players available in the event would rejuvenate your squad.

Final Thought

The Future Stars Swaps event is ongoing and will end on February 17, 2023, at 10:00 am PT. You should know that the SBCs for rewards expire about four days from the day of writing this post.

Well, if you are unable to obtain the rewards during this event, you can always look forward to more events and promotions from the stable of FIFA 23. There are more upcoming events to offer you a chance to make more FIFA 23 coins.

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