Top FUT 23 Game Modes to Play to Earn FIFA Coins

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Top FUT 23 Game Modes to Play to Earn FIFA Coins

Each year, EA Sports adds new game modes to FUT offering gamers more opportunities to compete and make FIFA coins. Undoubtedly, FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode in FIFA 23 and it comes with many playing options. So, which FUT games can you play to increase your coin-making quest? Let us check them out.

#1: Play Squad Battles to earn FIFA Coins

Squad Battles is a single-player mode. This mode allows you to go head-to-head with AI to compete for rewards and progress on the leaderboards. EA adds a new campaign each week, and you can play up to 42 matches in a week. The rewards include FIFA coins, player cards, and other in-game consumables.

#2: Play FUT Champions to make more FIFA Coins

If you love going head-to-head with other gamers in competition, FUT Champions game mode is the right choice. It is undoubtedly the most popular game mode in FIFA Ultimate Team because of its exceptional rewards. Gamers who achieve the qualification can measure their skills in the Play-Offs and the Finals. Participating in all these matches will earn you more FIFA coins.

#3: Play Division Rivals for more Coins

This is an online seasonal competition where you demonstrate your skills and rank up on the leaderboard. Each Division Rivals season runs for about six weeks. As you keep winning the matches, you progress on the ladder and increase your Rank and Division. Ranking higher ensures you earn more rewards. You must complete this game mode and rank higher to compete in the FUT Champions.

#4: Play FUT Draft for More Rewards

This game mode allows you to measure your team-building skills. It lets you compete offline or online with football players, not on your squad. You have to draft a random selection of player cards in FUT and use them to fill out each position to create your squad.

With this team, you can compete in a single-player, four-round, or online multiplayer knock-out competition. You earn more rewards, including FIFA coins, when you finish higher in the competition.

#5: Play Squad Building Challenges to earn Rewards

The SBCs invite you to test your squad-building skills. All you have to do is create squads based on specific requirements. If you can meet these requirements, you exchange your squad for exciting rewards. These rewards include player packs, FIFA coins, and other in-game items.


These are the top five FUT game modes to play in FIFA 23 to earn more FIFA coins. Of course, other FUT game modes offer decent rewards. They include Friendlies, Objectives, and FUT Moments.

You will also find game modes in FIFA 23 different from FUT. These include Kick Off, Tournaments, VOLTA FOOTBALL, Practice Arena, Skill Games, Pro Club, and Career Mode.

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