FIFA Coins PS4 – Team of the Tournament

FIFA coins PS4

FIFA Coins PS4 – Team of the Tournament

Some players have displayed exceptional performances in the ongoing World Cup in Qatar. These players have rewards waiting for them in FIFA 23. These players feature in the Team of the Tournament promo and will get an upgrade on their stats. So, what do you need to know about the Team of the Tournament (TOTT) in FIFA Ultimate Team? How do they affect your FIFA coins PS4 earning opportunities? Let’s find out in this post.N

When is the Release Date of FIFA 23 TOTT?

EA Sports has announced the launch of a new FIFA event it calls Team of the Tournament (TOTT). This new promo will go live on December 16 at 6:00 UTC. The promo is to honor players who have displayed excellent skills and tenacity on the biggest football stage in the world. 

Two days after the launch of the TOTT, EA Sports will release three more cards to offer gamers more excitement and the opportunity for earning more FIFA coins PS4.

Are there any Dynamic Cards for TOTT for FIFA Coins PS4?

Since Path to Glory featured dynamic cards, it is normal to ask if TOTT has its own. Unfortunately, the Team in the Tournament does not have any special cards. It will feature only one-time upgrades, and gamers will maintain this state until the end of FUT. 

It means whatever level you are at the TOTT upgrades is how your squad will remain in the coming months. Nevertheless, it is best to keep some packs and complete Squad Building Challenges to obtain the special cards. Having them will boost your FIFA coins PS4 earning opportunities.

What to Expect from the TOTT Card Design?

EA Sports will release the TOTT Cards on December 16, and qualified gamers can access these cards. However, the designs are leaked and by the look of things, the design is quite familiar. They look almost like the World Cup Stars. 

EA Sports apparently reused the shape and colors of the World Cup Stars for the design of the TOTT Card design. However, the design looks clean and beautiful. You would likely trade some FIFA coins PS4 to have some if you can.

Best WC Players in Team of the Tournament Leaks

Some FIFA World Cup players have outdone themselves, and there is news these individuals will feature in the FIFA 23 Team of the Tournament. These players are not restricted to only superstars. You will be amazed to find some newcomers among others. 

World Cup Players that may have made it to the TOTT include Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Bukayo Saka, Aurelien Tchouameni, Dominik Livakovic, and Nathan Ake, among others.


We all anticipate the Team of the Tournament as it launches in a couple of days. Will you be interested in getting a pair of the cards? Well, you should get your FIFA coins PS4 ready because you never can tell what may happen. If you are short of coins, offers excellent deals at a price no other can match. You should check it out.

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