FIFA 23 Coins PS4 – How to Score after a Corner in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 coins PS4

FIFA 23 Coins PS4 – How to Score after a Corner in FIFA 23

Corners were very easy in FIFA 22 but you need a little bit of mastering in FIFA 23 to improve your winning chances. As you already know, the current world-class players are physically strong and you need more headers for your corners. That means you must invest in your teams. Leverage your FIFA 23 coins PS4 to buy the finest players. You can buy some coins from at a good deal if you do not have enough coins to build your team. So, now that you have a good team in place, how do you score from corners?

#1 Top FIFA 23 Corner Tip to make FIFA 23 Coins PS4: Curve the Ball

You have two different tactics to use when trying to score from corners. The first, which is the best, is not complicated. How does it work? First, choose a right-footed player for kicks from the right side and a left-footed player for the left.

This ensures a good curve and gives you the advantage of getting the ball into the penalty area away from the goalkeeper. Ensure you maneuver the ball to the right so the ball comes about 5-meter space from the penalty spot.

Next, use the right stick to turn the ball to the far right to determine the curve of the ball. Now, hit the corner with a powerful shot and expect the best. If you play it right, you are sure to bask in some new FIFA 23 coins PS4.

#2 Top FIFA 23 Corner Tip to make FIFA 23 Coins PS4: Pass 

Another great tactic is to simply pass the ball. Before the match, look at the instructions and tactics of the game to familiarize yourself with the team’s positioning. You will see a player close to the box about 16 meters away from the goal.

To perfectly play this tactic, pass the corner to the approaching player and then pass it to the player standing at the corner of the box. Next, kick the ball into the goalpost. Note that L2 shots are FIFA 23 Meta.

Therefore, use adequate shot power to shoot with L2. When the right player is positioned close to the box, you will find L2 shots exceptionally strong to achieve your goal.


There you have the top two tips you can use to score a goal after a corner in FIFA 23. Follow these tips diligently and you can find yourself at the top of the league. These tips are effective for any game mode you play in FIFA 23.

Leverage your team members and your passing skills to improve your chances of acing a couple of goals. That is sure to earn you some FIFA 23 coins PS4 for trading on the transfer market.

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