FIFA Coins PS4: How to Upgrade FUT Champs Player Picks

fifa coins ps4

FIFA Coins PS4: How to Upgrade FUT Champs Player Picks

FIFA 23 has two new Squad Building Challenges that allow you to upgrade FUT Champs Red Player Picks. Red Player Picks are exclusive rewards gamers can earn while playing the FUT Champs Finals. While many gamers love having these picks, the players in the picks are not needed in your team. The good news is you can sell them off for FIFA coins PS4. Also, you can upgrade your FUT Champs Player Pick for a better choice.

How to Upgrade Red Player Picks to Earn More FIFA Coins PS4

Gamers can upgrade their Red Player Picks when they complete the FUT Champions Premium Upgrade SBC and FUT Champs Upgrade SBC. They can use any FUT Champs Player Picks already in their squad.

You need five Red Player Picks to complete the FUT Champions Upgrade SBC. After completing the challenge, you earn an FUT Champions Player with 83-86 OVR. However, you need eleven Red Player Picks to complete the FUT Champions Premium Upgrade SBC.

You will earn one of three FUT Champions Players Picks with 86+ OVR. If you do not need the player in your squad, you can trade them on the transfer market to earn FIFA coins PS4.

How to Earn Red Player Picks to Complete SBC and Earn FIFA Coins PS4

Before you can upgrade your Red Player Picks, you first need to earn it. The first step is to know how FUT Champs Qualification works. Next, you have to work towards qualifying or the FUT Champs Play-Offs and then put in the effort to qualify for FUT Champs Finals.

With this, you can participate in the Weekend League where you can play 20 matches. The more you win in the Weekend League, the higher you rank and the better your rewards. More rewards mean you can earn more Red Player Picks.

If you rank the lowest, you earn one Red Player Pick only and if you rank at least fifth, you earn three Red Player Picks. When you have earned your rewards, you can use your Red Player Picks anyhow you wish. You can trade them for FIFA coins PS4 or upgrade them to players you can use in your squad.

Can You Buy FUT Champions Players?

Well, why go through the stress of completing matches if you can buy the FUT Champions Players? Many gamers have asked this question, which seems a good way to acquire players of choice instead of playing.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy FUT Champions Players, which are Red Player Picks. That is because they are untradeable rewards from FUT Champs Finals matches. Since no gamer can trade them, you cannot buy them from the transfer market.


Red Player Picks are cherished by gamers and you can make a tidy FIFA coins PS4 profit from selling the players.

We recommend you hone your skills to participate in FUT Champs to earn more Red Player Picks as rewards. With this, you can either use or trade off the players. Either way, you will earn more coins.

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