FIFA Coins PS5-How to Make Your Players Lengthy in FIFA 23

FIFA coins PS5

FIFA Coins PS5-How to Make Your Players Lengthy in FIFA 23

The new AcceleRATE feature in FIFA 23 has redefined the running styles of players. Success in a game is no longer only about pace. Other factors are considered and understanding this can make a difference in your game experience and FIFA coins PS5 earnings. Let’s get started with AcceleRATE.

What is AcceleRATE?

What is AcceleRATE and how does it affect performance and FIFA coins PS4 earning potential in-game? AcceleRATE is a step above the regular pace stat in FIFA. It features three types of new sprints for players. These sprints are Controlled, Lengthy, and Explosive.

Lengthy is a running style for taller and bigger professionals. These players start at a slower pace and attain full speed by the end of their sprint. Explosive is the opposite and it supports more agile and smaller players with high speed on the first few meters.

Controlled accelerates more evenly and most players use this style. The right combination of speed among your players will affect their performance. Good performance means more earning opportunities with FIFA coins PS5.

Which Players fall into the Lengthy Category?

Defenders should make up most of your Lengthy players. Having them here ensures they catch up to explosive strikers after the first few meters. It is worth mentioning that this feature is in newer devices and you may not get the feel from your Xbox One and PS4 console. Players that fit into the requirements for the Lengthy category include the following:

  • Strength is greater than or equal to 65
  • The difference between agility and strength should be greater than or equal to 14.
  • Acceleration should be greater than or equal to 55
  • Height should be greater than or equal to 5’7”

Lengthy players are OP and are more agile than other players. They can attain a crazy speed level. Using players in this category can improve your squad’s performance in FUT and your FIFA coins PS5 earning potential.

To leverage this feature, it is crucial to understand the system governing the lengthy sprint. Basically, high pace stats no longer determine in-game speed. Big and tall players become quicker when paired with the Lengthy sprint and attain full speed after a couple of meters. They also become more agile on the pitch than their stats show.

Does Chemistry Matter and will it affect your FIFA Coins PS5 Earning Possibilities?

Without a doubt, the right chemistry style can change the running style of your player. CR7 can turn a fair player into a meta weapon of attack. Before you put a player into any categorization, it is recommended you test them using different chemistry styles.

It is also critical to boost their physicality as this will boost their strength. With this, the difference between their agility and strength will increase to at least 14 points.


We recommend you play around with different chemistry styles before deciding on the best for your squad. When testing them, pay attention to the running style so you can know when the player card changes to Lengthy.

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