FIFA Coins Xbox: How to get World Cup Player Items in FIFA 23

FIFA coins xbox

FIFA Coins Xbox: How to get World Cup Player Items in FIFA 23

WC Player Items are a new type of card to celebrate the World Cup. These items are created from the thirty-two qualified national teams and players receive these items with some getting upgraded versions. Gamers can use the World Cup Player Item cards to participate in Ultimate Team Squad. However, these cards have a small difference in their chemistry. It is worth mentioning that these cards will expire on January 4, 2023. EA Sports will remove them from FUT and other FUT clubs in FIFA 23 after the expiration. It may interest you to know that these items are critical in Ultimate Team and can make a remarkable impact on your FIFA coins Xbox earnings. You need the cards to complete the Objectives to earn WC Swap Tokens. The items will also contribute to the End of Event Rewards.

Using WC Player Items in WC Swaps to Earn FIFA Coins Xbox

WCP Player Items are critical for achieving World Cup Swaps Tokens. Most of the Tokens you earn in the new WC Swaps Objectives require that you field a minimum of six WC Player Items from a similar Nation. You can do most of this in the Live FUT Friendly FIFA World Cup Swaps.

You can also play some in Squad Battles Rivals. In addition to using the item cards in FUT and earning Swaps Tokens through them, you can also earn better End of Event Rewards with the WC Player Items.

The truth is that the higher the number of World Cup Player Items you acquire, the higher the prizes you gain. These prizes will go live on January 4, 2023. Gamers can track their progress via the 10 Reward Levels and watch out for how many World Cup Players they earn in the new World Cup Tile in FIFA Ultimate Team.

How to Earn World Cup Player Items and FIFA Coins Xbox

Gamers will earn WC Player Items in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team from selected Packs as rewards. They will also earn Store Packs as bonus players. In fact, they can get these Player Packs as Milestone Objective rewards and regular Objective rewards via repeatable Squad Building Challenges.

They can also use Stars in the FIFA Ultimate Team Moment mode to purchase the Packs. You can use these items to upgrade your team and earn more FIFA coins Xbox in-game. It is worth mentioning that you cannot use WC Player Items in Squad Building Challenges. You also cannot trade them on the Transfer Market.


EA Sports has announced that it will remove the World Cup Player Items from gamers’ FUT club when the packs expire on January 4, 2023. However, you should know that other World Cup player cards, such as World Cup FUT Heroes, WC Icons, and WX stars are not time-limited.

That means they will remain in the pack indefinitely. Players can see the time-limited Player Items by their blue diamond clock-face and red color.

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