How to Use Timed Finishing to Score Goals and Earn FIFA Coins

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How to Use Timed Finishing to Score Goals and Earn FIFA Coins

The timed finishing mechanic lets you add more power and accuracy to your shots. If you gain mastery of this skill, you can improve your goal-scoring skills. Knowing how to time your shots perfectly can determine your chance of competing in FUT Champions or climbing the Division Rivals ranks. So, how do you use this rewarding feature to earn FIFA coins in FIFA 23?

Step 1: Turn on the Timed Finishing Feature in FIFA 23

The first step in using timed finishing is to enable the feature. From the game’s main menu, click on the cog wheel at the far right of the screen and click on Settings. From there, navigate to Customize Controls and scroll down on the first tab to locate “Timed Finishing”. Toggle this menu to “On”.

Step 2: Time your Shots to earn more FIFA Coins

With the feature enabled, it is time to time your shots for better performance. To activate the time feature for your shot, double-click on the “Shoot” button. On PlayStation, double-tap on O, and if your game is Xbox, that would be X. the time of the second button press determines the quality of your shot.

Four Shot Variations in Timed Finishing

The timed finishing mechanic has four shot variations. The first is a red-timed shot. When you use this, the shot will be inaccurate and weak because the button press was done too early. The second is the yellow timed shot, which is activated when the button is also pressed early but not as early as the red timed shot.

When you activate the yellow-timed shot, the shot will be inaccurate and weak. The green timed shot is the third variation and this is achieved by perfectly pressing the button on time. The shot will have additional accuracy and power when done correctly. The white timed shot is the final one and you activate it by pressing the button too late.

Here, the timed finishing will not affect your shot. You can know a well-timed shot by checking the indicator on your player’s head. When it is time for a perfectly timed shot, the indicator will flash with the color of the timed shot.

How to Achieve Green-Timed Shots to earn more FIFA Coins

From the descriptions of the variations, it is clear that the Green timed shot is the best. So, how do you achieve this during your game to improve performance and earn more FIFA coins? The first step is to initiate a second press on the shoot button right before the player touches the ball.

It can be a bit difficult to know the specific time to press shoot for the second time. However, you can practice the timing window to get the correct time. To do this, go to “Control Settings,” where you enabled tined finishing.

Set the FIFA Trainer menu to “Show”. Now load into a Kick-off match and immediately pause the game. Click “Trainer” under “Resume Match” and set the “Timed Finishing Indicator” button to “On” in Trainer settings.

When you have enabled these settings, you will see an indicator with the specific shot time window on your player’s head. Practice timed shooting regularly until you gain mastery of the timing window

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