FIFA Coins – How to Gain Mastery of Your Passes in FIFA 23

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FIFA Coins – How to Gain Mastery of Your Passes in FIFA 23

Understanding your passes can make a difference in your football experience. It can increase your winnings and a chance to earn more FIFA coins. So, which passes should you pursue in FIFA 23 – short passing or Long ball? That is what this post is all about.

We look at the best ways you can gain mastery of your passes in FIFA 23 to increase your earning potential. Let’s get right into the details!

Perfect Passes in FIFA 23: How to achieve them to Earn more FIFA Coins

Through ball remains the magic to success and remains a sure Meta in FIFA 23. When you crack the Triangle, the ball goes straight through the opponent’s defensive line. This helps you create a wide space at the back of your opponent.

With fast-paced players, you can leverage the opening and give your team a shot at success and more FIFA coins to you. However, ensure you watch out for your passing strength. Your team depends on you for success, so watch how you use the button. Pressing it for too long will make you lose possession.

Try the R1 Passes

If you are playing on Xbox, you play this with an “A” and “X” when playing on PlayStation. This pass is a great choice if you are standing on the box’s edge and want to help your striker. Ensure your striker is standing in line and is ready to kick in the ball.

You also need to hone in on your passing skill as you must play into the box perfectly if you do not want the player to kick the ball out of the pitch. It is worth mentioning that you can cross in FIFA 23 but you must pay attention to where the striker stands. Ideally, he should be in the middle, but if you think he is still well-positioned, you can give it a shot.

L2 and L1 Meta Passes: A Path to Success

One other extremely powerful pass in FIFA 23 is the long ball with LB + Y or L1 + Triangle. Long balls are often a great alternative in several circumstances, especially if you want to achieve a mind-blowing counter-attack. Let’s say you want to quickly switch sides and you have plenty of free space on the other side, using this pass is to your advantage.

It is also beneficial if your opponent presses high, and you have no other choice than to dash forward. The lofted ground pass is another great option you should explore if your wings are dashing toward your opposing side and you need to free yourself. It is an ideal volley assist. With long shots, you have your ace game and the ticket to make more FIFA coins.


Finally, when changing sides, use L2 crosses primarily to make the ball travel with extreme precision. You get more speed for your offensive game and press your opponent to an advantage. Using the right passes will surely increase your victories and FIFA coins.

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