FIFA 23 Coins PS4 – Tips to Win FIFA 23 FUT Champs

FIFA 23 coins PS4

FIFA 23 Coins PS4 – Tips to Win FIFA 23 FUT Champs

Game management is the first tip you must understand when playing FUT Champ. EA Sports offers several tradable packs, which means you have many meta players to ace your game. However, if you cannot manage your team well, you will under-utilize them and it becomes difficult to achieve any success or earn FIFA 23 coins PS4 in your matches. So, how can you manage your team effectively? Here are the top tips to help you.

  • Use Your Meta Players To Earn FIFA 23 Coins PS4

EA Sports has given you loan players. What will you do with them? Use them for matches. Do not miss any game without using them. If you see any good SBC, you can participate in with these players, go ahead and leverage your asset to earn more FIFA 23 coins PS4.

  • Use Team Tactics

This makes a significant difference in your game. Use the right formation and include a defensive, ultra-defensive, ultra-attacking, and attacking formation for your match. You can choose a defense with a lower depth but your attacking must have higher depth in passing.

For the ultra-attacking, use a hundred depth to achieve constant pressure and for ultra-defense, get five players in the back. You can switch your tactics and formations based on the current scenario. Also, begin your game with a defensive tactic and switch to attacking if you are yet to achieve a goal.

You can switch to ultra-attacking twenty to thirty minutes to the end of your game to give massive pressure. With the right game management, you increase your chances of achieving a couple of wins and earning FIFA 23 coins PS4.

  • Use the Extra Pass

You will experience several scenarios where you hit a shot that could have resulted in a goal but for some reason, the keeper makes a smart save. If you replay, you will discover you could have used an extra pass to affect the scoring.

You must understand that keepers are dominant in FIFA 23, unlike the previous version, where you can roll the ball around them and score. Always remember that keepers are unpredictable. Therefore, if you have an extra pass to guarantee a goal, use it to your advantage.

  • Use Long Shots

Every player must improve on their long shots as this can make a good difference in your game. if you add a long shot with great angles to your game, you will have better chances of pressurizing your opponent.

The reason for this is simple. They cannot block the ball within the box if you have long shots. If you have none, they will not be bothered about you pressurizing them.


Without a doubt, having the right game management and setting is crucial. Ensure you use available resources and leverage your assets to achieve victories. Your victories in matches determine how much FIFA 23 coins PS4 you can get for free. Of course, you can buy some to augment what you have. has affordable coins you can explore.

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