How to Start Playing FUT 23 like a Pro and Earn FIFA Coins Online

FIFA coins online

How to Start Playing FUT 23 like a Pro and Earn FIFA Coins Online

The first thing to know when playing FUT 23 is that you do not have to buy FIFA points to acquire top-notch players.

As a fact, you may not spend a dime on packs and still have an exceptional squad in a few weeks after starting the game. Another you must learn is how to trade and become better in the game. With these, you can grow your FIFA coins online.

Important Tips for Playing FUT 23 like a Pro and Earn FIFA Coins Online

You become better at games by playing more. Therefore, leverage every opportunity to demonstrate your skills. One such opportunity is the advanced SBC at the beginning of FIFA 23. You should never skip completing this challenge because the rewards are exciting.

You get packs as rewards and you can find some resourceful items with more FIFA coins online. With these packs, you can increase the caliber of players in your squad. Secondly, you should never be fast to sell off rare managers. For instance, rare managers from top leagues grow in significant value over time.

It may interest you to know that Klopp still sells for as high as 3000 FIFA coins online in FIFA 22. Therefore, cherish your managers, especially those with high rarity. Additionally, manage your time effectively in Ultimate Team and other games.

It is also a good idea to trade early and avid gameplay whenever you can. However, you can complete some squad battles to enable you to earn thousands of FIFA coins online. With the coins you acquired, you can go ahead to trade and increase your earnings.

How to Master FIFA Ultimate Team 23

Mastering your game comes with lots of benefits. You achieve more success and earn more points and coins. So, how do you master your game?

  • Avoid Using a One-League Team for Months

FIFA 23 system does not need you to have a league-dominant team to achieve teamwork with chemistry. Therefore, use a hybrid squad consisting of multiple leagues. Never restrict yourself to a single-league team.

  • Invest in High-Rated Cards

Early in your game, invest in at least 83-rated SBC fodder cards. That is because a time will come when some SBCs will require cards of these ratings. When these cards are in high demand, their value increases and you can sell them for more FIFA coins online.

  • Play Multiple Game Mode

Do not run away from multiple game modes because they will earn you many rewards. Spend time playing Division Rivals, FUT Champs, and Squad Battle games. With this, you increase your chance of earning more rewards and extending your game time.


Finally, avoid quitting a game if you can prevent it because it can affect your FIFA coins online in future matches. When you earn FIFA points, spend them wisely and avoid spending directly on packs. Instead, spend in FUT drafts so you can enter FUT drafts and earn up to 50k-100k packs if you win.


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