FIFA Coins Xbox: FUT Centurion Team 1 Player and Team 2 Release

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FIFA Coins Xbox: FUT Centurion Team 1 Player and Team 2 Release

EA Sports continues to release promos in FIFA 23 at a faster pace and the Centurions promo is a novel release. It is one of a kind because it has never been seen before. In our earlier post, we talked about this promo and the fact that it would go live as the first FIFA 23 promo in 2023. The promo aims to honor veteran players who have achieved milestones though they are not yet in their prime. As with every promo, players can leverage the promo to earn more FIFA coins Xbox in matches.

FIFA 23 Centurions Promo and FIFA Coins Xbox Earnings

Players in the Centurions pack are those who have played at least 100 matches. These players have left their marks in clean sheets, assists, and goals. The FIFA 23 Centurions promo attached special items to these players who have dedicated long years and passion to football.

The Centurion player cards have been given boosts to make them prime enough to be called club legends in FUT clubs like in real life. Having these players in your club can significantly improve your performance and FIFA coins Xbox earnings.

Highlights of FIFA 23 Centurions Team 1 and FIFA Coins Xbox Earning Potential

The FIFA 23 Centurion Team 1 has some renowned global players with high OVR. Players in this category include:

  • Peter Gulacsi: 85-rating with 87-rating potential
  • Riyadh Mahrez: 86-rating with 89-rating potential
  • Neymar Jr.: 89-rating with 91-rating potential
  • Presnel Kimpembe: 83-rating with 86-rating potential
  • James Milner: 78-rating with 86-rating potential
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold: 87-rating with 90-rating potential
  • Ante Rebic: 80-rating with 87-rating potential
  • Wissam Ben Yedder: 84-rating with 89-rating potential
  • Jamie Vardy: 85-rating with 88-rating potential
  • Jordi Alba: 85-rating with 88-rating potential
  • Alessandro Bastoni: 84-rating with 86-rating potential
  • Joaquin: 79-rating with 87-rating potential
  • Wojciech Szczsny: 86-rating with 89-rating potential
  • Florian Neuhaus: 80-rating with 85-rating potential
  • Maximillian Arnold: 80-rating with 85-rating potential
  • Lorenzo Pellegrini: 84-rating with 86-rating potential

Having any of these players in your club can improve your performance and, ultimately, your FIFA Coins Xbox earnings.

Highlights of FUT Centurions Team 1 Release

EA Sports released the FUT Centurions Team 1 mini-release on January 8, 2023, at 10:00 am PT. Players included in the mini-release are:

  • Fabio Quagrliarella: 76-rating with 87-rating potential
  • Lucas Vazquez: 81-rating with 87-rating potential
  • Makoto Hasebe: 74-rating with 85-rating potential

It is worth mentioning that EA Sports is planning to release FUT Centurion Team 2 shortly. The timeline for the release is at 10:00 am PT on January 13, 2023. These players will substitute the current Team 1 and Team 1 mini-release.

The Centurion promo is a two-week event, which started on January 6, with a promo squad per week. Two mini-release teams are included in the packs. This means by January 20, the Centurions will be out of packs.


The Centurions promo is a good way to acquire new players that can boost your FIFA coins Xbox earning potential. It is recommended that everyone looking to earn more coins through their games should leverage this promo to acquire more players.

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